Technical Courses

Need straightforward instructions on how to write an effective CAPA? Looking for a brief explanation on what is the difference between ISO 14155 and GCP? Tired of following hours of trainings on how to make a worksheet for clinical source data?

We created a perfect solution for you, tailored to your needs and taking in account the little time we all have. It is called microLearning.


Choose what type of subscription you want before the end of the year to get a 3 month trial for free (until April 2020)!

(If you are a company and want to have a corporate subscription, please contact us in: info [at]

What are microLearnings?

MicroLearnings are bitesize, online learning activities (eLearning, instructional videos or other types of content) that you can choose from a library of topics. Aim is to cover your needs here and now: accessible from any online platform & device, whether you are in the office, on the road or at home.

They are focused on specific learning outcomes, that will provide the skill sets for your profession and your career and help you gain competitive career advantage on others. These will give you solutions to problems, difficulties and practical challenges you may or have encountered at work.


How does it work?

These activities will become available in 2020. You will have access to our Virtual Campus, and all microLearning content is organised and filtered by topic.

You can easily navigate through our platform, choose the content that is relevant for you and watch at any time and any place you want. You can review the video as many times you want and new content will be released on an ongoing basis, to promote latest updates and developments.


What to expect?

The content will be hosted in our Virtual Campus and will include a strong search engine, allowing you to find the topic you are looking for in seconds. We are planning to start adding content from January 2020.

Moreover the library will be updated and new content will be added every two weeks on average. You will be able to configure your settings allowing you to be informed of new content at your convenience.

If you do not find what you are looking for in the library submit a suggestion to us any time and we will consider to develop your idea.

Course time
Anytime, anywhere, at your own pace - between 5 to 20 minutes
Programme highlights

We are planning to start adding content from January 2020. To give you an idea of the first releases planned, here is a list of 10 topics which are currently in production.

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  • Serious Breaches
  • How to write an effective CAPA
  • What are the 7 ethical principles to take into account in every study?
  • Linking essential documents with GCP/ regulatory requirements
  • Difference between ISO 14155 and GCP
  • What to look for when there is no 100% SDV?
  • How to enhance your oversight of Trial Master Files?
  • Why and how to make a worksheet for clinical source data?
  • Electronic source document
  • eTMF management 
Learning Objectives

microLearning are solutions we want to provide for organisations to be more agile and responsive to their employee’s immediate needs, improve their performance and to gain or apply the skills required quickly and for individuals to gain competitive advantage in your career development, to develop the set of skills necessary to perform your job and inform you of the new trends and innovations in the area of clinical development.


The added-value of microLearning are:


  • Less time consuming than eLearning courses;
  • This knowledge library is always available;
  • More affordable, less expensive;
  • More engaging and interactive;
  • MicroLearnings can be used just in time to meet your needs;
  • Effective, straight to the point, providing you with the knowledge on specific subjects.