Discover our ready-to-use SMART Solutions

Not only proud to provide you with a wide range of services, we have also created complete and tailored solutions that we call SMART Solutions. These solutions cover a wide range of areas with the aim of tackling all your development needs.

STAR Programmes

STAR Programmes ECCRT

ECCRT has developed a series of course curriculum, called STAR Programmes. Each STAR Programme combines a number of training sessions that are key to the development of your career in a specific function or area.

Team to go

Team To Go ECCRT

The Team To Go (TTG) initiative proposes to bond teams together behind clearly defined objectives in order to make projects successful by improving their technical and soft skills, make communication more efficient and create real team work.

Competency Framework

ECCRT competency framework in clinical research

Discover the 10 competency domains in Clinical Research. Together with you, we will make an analysis of the ten competencies within your team and find where training is needed to fulfil these.

Gap analysis & Training Plan

Gap analysis team Clinical Research ECCRT

We evaluate the different areas within your organisation where training is required. Once identified, we set up together a training plan and follow up with you on the results.

Competency Management System

Competency Management System in Clinical Research ECCRT

ECCRT’s Learning Management System is tailored to the Learning & Development (L&D) needs in Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices industries.

Training Department Functionality

Training Department in Clinical Research ECCRT

You don’t have the resource to keep track of all Learning & Development in your organisation? No worries! ECCRT offers you a cost-effective solution.