ECCRT Star programmesECCRT has developed a group of course collections, called STAR Programmes. Each STAR Programme combines a number of training sessions that are key to the development of your career in a specific function or area. A mix of both technical and soft skill trainings assure that you will get an all-round curriculum, providing you with all required competencies needed. While listening to the market we hear that people seek support for their personal career development; companies sometimes struggle with providing such support.

Combining different courses not only provides you with a thorough knowledge of the industry and the technical and soft skills linked, it helps develop your career and prepares you for all aspects of your position. In addition to the pre-developed curriculum as described above, there are two more advantages to the STAR Programmes: First of all, there is the flexibility for following the individual courses: when you register for a STAR programme, you can choose the dates of the courses throughout the year, to allow minimal disturbance of your daily activities and to optimise your travel schedules. Furthermore, the costs of the STAR Programme is on average 15% lower compared to the list price of the individual courses.

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