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The ECCRT is a professional clinical research training provider focusing on the transfer of implementable knowledge in the day-to-day activities of our participants.ECCRT logo

Our mission is to facilitate Clinical Research professionals to excel in their job for the benefit of patients. We aim to achieve this by providing clinical research professionals with competencies to develop new therapies for patients quicker & more efficient, without jeopardizing quality.

We base our mission on three pillars:

ECCRT three pillars

The ECCRT is in its actions supportive of the Benjamin Franklin’s statement: “You tell me, and I forget. You teach me, and I remember. You involve me, and I learn.”

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TransCelerate BioPharma Recognition

Qfor Quality Accreditation


Recognition by the Government of Flanders

KMO Portefeuille

Certificates provided by ECCRT

Everyone who participates in our courses receives a Certificate of Attendance. In addition to this we offer a Certificate of Achievement for a growing selection of our courses, including the Clinical Research Training for Junior CRAs, Senior CRAs, CTAs and the Investigational Site Team course. More tests are being developed for other courses.

Participants receive these certificates after completing a comprehension test and achieving a test score of at least 70%. The test is composed of multiple choice and case study questions.

In case a training certificate is lost or a duplicate is required, click here to get more information on how to obtain a duplicate.

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