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The degree of coaching and consultancy is always negotiated and agreed upon at management level. Specific coaching and consultancy plans are developed per need. We will guide the ‘high potential’ or your dedicated group to the next level on an individual basis, considering everyone’s needs and expectations.


This includes all kinds of coaching of different profiles within Clinical Research:

  • Back office help for CTAs, CRAs, PMs, etc for specific Clinical Research-related questions
  • Time management coaching
  • On the job coaching (co-monitoring, etc.)

If you feel that there are regulatory issues that remain unsolved within your company or if you have very junior profiles among your employees that might not be able to solve all the problems that might come up during projects, ECCRT can offer consultancy on various subjects:

  • Project related questions
  • Regulatory questions
  • GCP questions
  • Job specific questions
  • Any other topic within clinical research



Setting up of clinical trials is easy, however bringing them to a successful end is the difficult task.

2EXCEL is a consortium with ECCRT & BVCLinical and a subsidiary of FAKKEL-bvba.  Our site management skills assure a fast start up of the clinical trial. Patient recruitment is often a big bottle neck: unraveling the problem and boosting the rate is our specialty. For sponsors, non-compliant data are a nightmare: 2EXCEL provides adequate coaching to hospital staff through which you can save time and money! We help you TO EXCEL your trial and to make the sponsor-clinical site investigator relation become a true PREFERRED PARTNERSHIP!

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