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Clinical Project Management – Blended

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03/03/2021 Clinical Project Management – Blended Webinar EUR 1400.00 Book
25/10/2021 Clinical Project Management – Blended Leiden EUR 1400.00 Book

About this course

How to ensure a successful clinical trial within timelines and budget? This Clinical Project Management online training is a blended course (eLearning and webinars) designed to introduce the ins and outs of managing clinical research projects.  The clinical study setting allows you to implement this knowledge immediately within your research projects. 

During this blended course, you will learn the basics of project management adapted to clinical trials. You will see how to manage clinical trials, setting milestones, doing risk management, allocating staff and budgets, dealing with clients and contracts. Several components of successful project management such as interaction between project activities and key decisions will be highlighted.  This Clinical Project Management online course is divided in a theoretical online part and a live webinar workshop part. The theoretical part the students must follow by themselves prior to the live webinar workshops. The live webinar workshops are very interactive with a lot of opportunity to put the theoretical concepts into practice (includes homework).

Course Agenda:

  • eLearning (6-8h):
  • Webinar sessions (09 to 11am - GMT, Brussels):
    1. 3 November 2020
    2. 10 November 2020
    3. 17 November 2020
    4. 24 November 2020
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