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Leading in a Solution Focused Way

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About this course

During this 1-day training you will be able to get better at leading your team. You will experience new ways of giving and receiving feedback, coaching yourself and others, showing appreciation and looking at people in their qualities. The way of working is focusing on what works well (even just a bit) instead of focusing on what's not working.  

In this 1-day course, you will get the chance to improve some essential skills needed in any leadership role. You will also get to know the paradigm of Solution Focus (SF). In critical conversations with direct reports, clients or other stakeholders the focus is often on problems and problem analysis, taking you further away from a solution. Instead you will be learning how to turn a problem-oriented stance into a solution focused way of working with people. You will be getting practical new ways to give and receive feedback, to coach and show appreciation, and to deal constructively with your own and the other one’s qualities, pitfalls, challenges and allergies. You are warmly invited to bring your specific leadership cases to the table and to view this training day as a very interactive lab, where it’s safe and useful to experiment and learn.

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