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The Belgian Clinical Trials Law of 2017: A Clear View on Rules – Webinar

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04/10/2021 The Belgian Clinical Trials Law of 2017: A Clear View on Rules Webinar EUR 110.00 Book
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If you are a clinical research professional, investigator, monitor or other staff active in the field of clinical research and you need to understand and apply the laws of clinical trials conducted in Belgium, this webinar is for you. In about 1.5-hour all the new rules defined by the Belgian Clinical Trials Law of 22nd of May 2017, and what this means for procedures of clinical trials in Belgium, is presented on a comprehensive way.

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  • Documents and materials related to this course are included
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  • Live online training: 1.5h (13h30 - 15h00)

Course Description

Belgium has taken the first preparative steps to be ready for the application of the European Clinical Trial Regulation 536/2014 by issuing a new clinical trials law. This law sets the new rules as well as paving the way for the legal basis of pilot studies in Belgium before the mandatory European Clinical Trials Regulation becomes effective. Many imperative changes are ahead, notably regarding procedures and ethics committees.

This webinar is designed for professionals who need to know the new Belgian Clinical Trials law of 2017. All the elements of the Law are presented in a clear-cut way. Specifics of the involved competent authorities, of independent ethics committees, of new submission procedures and timelines, of appeal after rejection of a clinical trial, of Phase I trials and centre requirements and of possible penalties. Adaptations to the current law of 07 May 2004 will be clarified and will enable you to get a clear view on what is applicable now and what is to be done in the future. In addition, procedures of the pilot studies are presented.

The information will help you to understand upcoming Royal Decrees and to avoid missing out on mandatory and specific Belgian legal aspects of clinical trials and of pilot studies conducted in Belgium

Prior knowledge of the Belgian Clinical Research law dated 7th May 2004 is required. Obtain this complementary knowledge with our eLearning course ‘Local Clinical Trial Legislation in Belgium’.

Register to both courses at once and get a € 100 discount (contact us at info@eccrt.com for more details).

After the webinar questions can be posted on the ECCRT Virtual Campus Discussion Forum.

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