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GAP Analysis

A GAP analysis within your company allows you to check the compliance level of your employees and instantly maps the training needs of your staff. In a final report we emphasis on the room for improvement on individual, departmental and/or organisational level. While cross-checking with job descriptions, organisation organigrams, regulatory requirements and company SOPs we are able to pinpoint the aspects where your organisation can be improved.

  • Checking the current level
  • Questionnaire to employees
  • Interviews with employees and management
  • Recognize the training needs
  • Identify the imminent and mid-term risks
  • Development of a company training plan
  • Personal training plan per employee


Company Training Plans

Based on an existing GAP analysis made internally or by ECCRT, we will start by identifying your training needs, which may include:

  • General training
  • SOP trainings – Company policy trainings
  • Job specific training
  • Regulatory training

In a second step we organising the required trainings

  • Find trainers & Prepare course material
  • Catering, Accomodation & Transport
  • At ECCRT Training Centre or In-Company

ECCRT takes care of all logistics and follow up:

  • A support team to prepare logistics
  • Administrative follow up (training logs, certificates, participant feedback, tracking)
  • Reports (per department, per trainee, …) to your needs
  • Feedback meetings with superiors

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