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Running clinical trials is a complex matter and requires many technical skills. Thanks to our complete range of courses you’ll be able to tackle many aspects of clinical research: regulatory, clinical operations, quality assurance and others.


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You are responsible for the execution of a clinical trial, or a part thereof? Get the management basics such as managing your own time or tackle higher level topics such as true project management skills and negotiation skills.


Are you in charge of a project team, your own or an external team reporting? Learn how to motivate your team and get the best out of them, whilst creating a productive but enjoyable atmosphere.


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Communication skills are undoubtly considered as the most essential competencies in the clinical research arena. Find here all vital communication aspects for running clinical trials nowadays.

Star Programmes

ECCRT has developed a series of course collections, called STAR Programmes. Each STAR Programme combines a number of training sessions that are key to the development of your career in a specific function or area. A mix of technical and soft skill trainings assure that you will get an all-round curriculum, providing you with all required competencies needed.

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