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Competency Framework

Competency Framework ECCRT

A Competency Framework is a standard mapping of competencies to roles, used to help organisations to assess and manage individual and collective work performance.

Competency Framework ECCRTWithin our Clinical Research environment, it defines the competency domains and the associated cognitive skills necessary to conduct a high-quality, ethical and safe clinical trial.

Based on the developments of the Joint Task Force for Clinical Trial Competency (2013) and on our expertise in Clinical Research, at ECCRT we have taken the Competency Framework concept a step further to fit your specific needs. Indeed,
in the ECCRT Competency Framework, we mapped out 10 competency domains and
> 70 competencies with > 40 key positions and our +100 courses portfolio.
Competency domains include, inter alia:

  • Scientific Concept and Research Design
  • Ethical Participant Safety Consideration
  • Clinical Studies Operations (GCPs or ISO 14155)
  • Study and Site Management
  • Leadership and Professionalism


Download the ECCRT map


Do you want to boost your team development with your own Competency Framework? Together we can work on a project plan and bring you and your team a step forward.

Together with you, we will make an analysis of the ten competencies within your team and find where training is needed to fulfil these competencies.

Competency Framework ECCRT

What is the role of the Competency Framework in Risk Reduction?

The level of competence of your team directly affects:

  • Your ability to protect the rights and wellbeing of patients and the integrity of data
  • The effectiveness and efficiency of your staff
  • The cost-effectiveness of your organisation

What uses could you make of the Competency Framework? 

  • Job description development
  • Hiring staff with the relevant skills
  • Succession planning and career mapping
  • Identifying learning and development needs of individuals, teams, organisations
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Many more


Vincent Baeyens- speaker at ECCRT Open House  Vincent Baeyens- speaker at the ECCRT Open House: “ECCRT has put a lot of attention in understanding our challenge and responding considering what we had and what we wanted to accomplish. ECCRT did certainly meet our expectations. We now have an objective and global view on the different roles and competencies within GCO.





Case study title: “How ECCRT and Santen worked together to develop Santen Core Competency Framework to improve work cohesion”. Contact us to receive the case study.


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