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Clinical Research projects involve multidisciplinary team with different background and vocabulary, but they need to work together for a successful outcome. This is often where clinical research teams are failing and/or complaining.  ECCRT put in place a SMART solution named Team To Go to overcome this issue.

The Team To Go programme is focusing on your team and the communication between each stakeholders in order to increase your efficiency during a study.

Team To Go (TTG) is not only about training a team on specific skills, but it is also about bonding the team for success. Not designed to be a one-time effort, it will provide guidance and coaching to your team throughout the project in order to have a successful outcome.

The 3 main components of TTG are:

Team To Go ECCRT

What are the objectives of the Team To Go?

  • Focus theteam on the project deliverables and goals
  • Increase team efficiency to avoid study delay and budget overrun
  • Increase team members motivation and create a real team

Here is what they have to say about the Team To Go:

Project 1

« The 2 team days with ECCRT trainer significantly increased the team spirit and the cooperation within the team. Not self-evident, since the team is not physically located at the same place. Also, we were operating as a team in the challenging business context of a clinical development and set up of a dossier for a Biopharmaceutical drug, ECCRT trainer certainly contributed to the success of our team and their daily work.
Concretely, one of the outputs of our team sessions together is that team members, all solid managers or leaders, think a bit more before they display criticism or express a complaint. They think in advance: ‘how would I respond or feel when I would receive this specific feedback?’. This way of thinking got very well integrated in our daily interaction. “ CEO feedback after 1 year.

Project 2

« ECCRT provided a negotiation training to my project managers team end of 2016. It is a team with very few experience in soft skills training. The trainer really adapts the course on people need and their different backgrounds. This training was a real surprise for them in a positive way.
They discovered that soft skills can be learned and improved. The team but also with external stakeholders’ communication improved afterwards. They started to communicate differently, dare to say their thought, adapted their speech to their customers (internaland external) etc. This training opened their eyes on another way of negotiating. They are now willing to have other soft skills training thanks to ECCRT.” Team Manager feedback after 1 year.


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