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Content based questions of courses
I am new to Clinical Research, which courses can I follow?

Within Clinical Research, training is key. The more training and education you follow, the better. The ECCRT can offer you a wide variety of training courses, but the most important to follow when you are fresh in the industry are

  • “Introduction to Clinical Research training”,
  • the crucial “ICH-GCP training”,
  • legislative training such as “Understanding the European Directives & Implementation the Guidelines”
  • and on the job training like “Clinical Research training for Junior CRA” or “Clinical Project Management”.


What is the difference between a GCP training and GCP refresher training?

GCP training is a course on all chapters of the ICH-GCP guideline E6. We will focus on the ethical aspects of performing clinical trials outlining the responsibilities of all parties involved. Through extensive theory and interactive moments, including real life situations, we will get you acquainted with the in and outs of Good Clinical Practice.

The GCP refresher training is designed for people already working in a GCP environment but needing an update on this topic. During this course we are immerse you examples of day to day situations and guide to successful solutions of these problems.

Please look at our catalogue to select the best option for you as both courses can be attended as face-to-face course or eLearning course.


What is the difference between a Junior or Senior CRA course ?

The junior CRA course is designed for starters in the business; it covers the basic guidelines and regulations followed by an overview of the duties of a monitor in the clinical operation processes. Through theory and workshops we start with site selection, covering prestudy, initiation, monitoring and closure tasks of a CRA.

The Senior course focuses on more advance tasks such as protocol and informed consent review, site management, recruitment issues and communication skills.

General questions
How do I access the online grading test for my course ?

First you should sign in on the website

  • Click on ‘My ECCRT’ to login
  • Your username is your email address. If you cannot remember your password,click on ‘request new password’ and get the new password by email (also keep an eye on your spam box).
  • Once logged in, click on ‘enter the ECCRT Virtual Campus’
  • Click on ‘My learning’ and access your course
  • Click on ‘Comprehension Test’ to complete the test

Please refer to our ECCRT Learner Manual for further detailed instructions.

Do we receive a certificate at the end of the course?

Everyone who participates in our courses receives a certificate of attendance. In addition to this we are offering a Certificate of Comprehension for a growing selection of our courses. Participants receive these certificates after completing their grading test and achieving a test score of at least 70%. The test is composed of multiple choice and case study questions. Participants are allowed to consult their course notes and the extensive training material provided.

In the case of an online grading test, you wll be offered to download your digital certificate directly from the ECCRT Virtual Campus, once
you’ve completed your comprehension test.


How do I decide which courses I should take?

ECCRT offers a vast range of courses designed for different profiles. In the ‘who should attend’ section of each course, there is a detailed description of what your background should be in order to follow the course. If you are hesitating, please do contact us at info@eccrt.com.


How large are the course groups?

For our public courses, groups generally consist of 5 up to 15 participants. Numbers may vary depending on the course type.


How to access my eLearning course?

You will find detailed guidelines on how to access your course via the ECCRT Virtual Campus in the ECCRT Learner Manual You can enter your course at any time, from any device connected to internet.

The manual will also give you guidelines on how to take the best of the course features (videos, forums, documentation, etc…)

IMPORTANT : For blended course, be reminded that the eLearning session must be attended before the face to face training as its content fits to the practical approach during face-to-face training.


Is lunch foreseen? What if I have dietary requests?

Any full course day, has 1 or two coffee breaks and a lunch break with cold catered sandwiches and drinks.  All our half day courses have 1 coffee break.  If you would have specific dietary questions, you can email them to info@eccrt.com.


What do I do if I can’t find a course scheduled when I need it or where I need it?

You can request a tailored course.

Alternatively, you can complete a request for a course in your area, or you can submit a general question to info@eccrt.com


What if I have lost my certificate?

In case a training certificate is lost or a duplicate is required, ECCRT can provide a copy at the cost of 50 EUR (administration and sending costs included). Please send your request to info@eccrt.com. ECCRT will check quality documents (e.g. signed participation log) to verify if the participant attended.

Certificates related to eLearning courses can be downloaded at any time from your account on ECCRT Virtual Campus. In case of question, please send an email to campus@eccrt.com.

Cancellation Policy

What is ECCRT’s cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel your registration, the following cancellation terms are applicable:

  • Cancellation by the ECCRT: due to unforeseen circumstances, it is possible that the training program may change and the ECCRT reserves the right to alter the venue or to cancel the event
  • Cancellation by the registrant:
    • More than 30 calendar days prior to the course: no cancellation fee will be charged.
    • Between 21 – 30 calendar days prior to the course: 50% of the fee will be charged.
    • Less than 21 days prior to the course or if no notification is received: the registrant will be liable to pay the full course fee.

!COVID19 Pandemic cancellation policy: Less than 14 days prior to the course and with official positive test result and/or a documents that requires you to go in quarantine: the registrant will be automatically registered to the next edition of that course, and an administration fee of 100 EUR will be charged!

  • An administration fee of 50 EUR can be charged for each cancellation
  • Alternative delegates may replace a registrant, however all cancellations/replacements must be received in writing.

ECCRT reserves the right to reschedule or cancel classes up to two weeks prior to the scheduled date. Registered participants will be informed of any such changes.

Privacy and security questions
Who can see my registered courses?

Besides you, only ECCRT technical service specialists and web developers can see your registered courses. Because your ECCRT login name and password are required to access your account, we strongly encourage you to store them in a safe place and not to share the information with anyone.

Registration questions
Do I have to create an account for myself or the person I am booking the course for?

If you have to book a course for someone else, you can easily create an account for yourself.

In the booking process the name and email address of the participant will be asked for.

Please refer to our ECCRT Learner Manual for further detailed instructions.


How can I check my registration status?

You can check the status of your registered course by going to ‘My ECCRT’ and logging in. You can also contact ECCRT by telephone at +32 2 892 4000 or by email at info@eccrt.com.


How can I profit from discounts?

The following non-cumulative discounts apply to all our public courses listed in our course catalogue (except for the STAR programmes). In addition to these we also have several discounts advertised on our website for a select combination of courses, although these offers are non-cumulative.

  • Hospital staff, students, non-profit organisations and academics are granted a reduction of 30% on all our course fees (i.e. current students, current employees in a university, research centre or hospital)
  • When a company has a full ECCRT Privilege Card, the points gathered on the card can be used as a discount for the next subscriber.

How can I use a promotion code (coupon code)?

In some cases participants can profit from exceptional discount by means of a promotion code that they have received. This coupon code is used a partial payment for the course, which means that full VAT is still added to the initial course fee.

Just enter the number of the coupon code you have received and the website automatically deducts the discount.


How do I pay for my course?

There are two options.

  • Via Invoice or Bank Transfer: You can book your course online and select the option ‘pay through bank transfer’. We will then send you an invoice with the request to pay the registration fee. Payment details are communicated in the payment process and the confirmation email.
  • Via Credit Card: You can book and pay your course online via PayPal. We accept different types of cards. We will also send you an invoice, with the indication that payment has been received by credit card.


How do I register for a specific course or class?

First you should sign in or register on the website.

  • You will be prompted to enter in your account information. Please sign in with your ECCRT user name and login (yellow button ‘my ECCRT’). If you do not have an ECCRT account, please register first (yellow button ‘register’ in the right upper corner) and follow the account registration process directions.
  • If you cannot remember your ECCRT user name or password, you can request to have a new password sent to you.
  • After registration or sign in, go to courses, select your course and corresponding date and start the booking process.

Please refer to our ECCRT Learner Manual for further detailed instructions.


I am already registered but can’t make it. Can a colleague come in my place.

If you would like someone else to take your place, this is possible, but an administrational fee of 50 EUR will be charged.


I am already registered but would like to follow the course on another date.

If you would like to rebook your course, there is an administrational fee of 50 EUR. This is only applicable if we have received and confirmed your request more than 30 calendar days prior to the course.

Training location and accommodation questions
Can I attend a course outside of Belgium?

Yes. ECCRT has multiple fixed course locations.

On the ECCRT schedule and on the courses itself the course locations are indicated. Click Here to discover our training locations.

Besides this, tailored trainings can always be requested on a location of your choice.

We are also offering eLearning courses, to be attended from anywhere and at your own pace. Click Here to discover our eLearning catalogue.


Where are the courses taking place?

ECCRT has 6 fixed course locations.


  • BELGIUM: Cantersteen 47 – 1000 Brussels
  • THE NEDERLANDS : Sylviusweg 70 – 2333 BE Leiden
  • ITALY: Regus Centre Milano Carrobbio – Via Santa Maria Valle 3 – 20123 Milano
    • NH Midas – Via Aurelia 800 – 00165 Rome
  • GERMANY: Regus Centre Nymphenburger Hofe – Nymphenburgerstrasse 4 (5th floor) – 80335 Munich
  • UNITED KINGDOM: 4th Floor, Rex House, 4 – 12 Regent Street – SW1Y 4PE London

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