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Want to develop the potential of your team and bring them to a higher level?

ECCRT provides individual personalised and team coaching. We want to help you achieve better results and facilitate your work on a day-to-day basis.

ECCRT provides personalised individual and team coaching. We want to help you achieve better results and facilitate your work on a day-to-day basis.

We aim to guide you and your team to succeed in your goals and to face new challenges head-on. Therefore, we have put in place different coaching solutions that will be beneficial for you. What type of coaching are you looking for?

Launch your Clinical Research career

launch your clinical research career

Reshape your Clinical Research career

shape your clinical research career

Tailored Coaching for your team

We perceive coaching as having a conversation and asking good, open-ended questions that allow the trainee(s) to reflect on what they are doing and how they can do things differently in the future to improve performance. We believe that through different sessions, you and your team can learn:

How to achieve your goals

How to work together more effectively

How to become stronger leaders

How to ensure successful communication

What kind of topics can we cover during coaching sessions?


Career development




Fear of failure


Influence skills, etc.


“Thank you very much for all the support you offered during our 3 coaching sessions. It has always been a pleasure to have the sessions with you. You are a very good listener, you asked exactly the right questions to find out the issue and while you are asking these questions sometimes the solution already came up in my mind. You gave me a lot of very good tips to solve my issues and to learn how to act and react in special situations. Moreover, our discussions were so fruitful that I already applied some of your tips. I learned a lot and the most valuable thing I learned is that it helps a lot to discuss my observations/wishes/concerns directly with the people in an open and trustful atmosphere.“

I would have to admit that prior to the first session I was a bit sceptical on the results of such coaching.”

“My doubts and nervousness were gone after the first session because the coach made me feel comfortable in the conversation and the discussion prompted me to think over and evaluate my leadership style. I was not judged, but directed to analyse my approach towards people. Based on the discussion and my individual needs I was also provided with useful materials to go through.”

“The next sessions helped me to focus on areas that I would like to improve and made me really implement some techniques in my daily working relationships. I appreciate the fact that the discussions were not general, but focused and practical. They made me feel more confident and flexible in the interactions with my colleagues. I have more to achieve but I know the direction to follow.”

“I am convinced now that in our complex and sometimes hectic working environment, we need such coaching to help us be more successful as people leaders and to create strong teams no matter how diverse personalities we are and what hurdles we have to overcome.”

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