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What is a STAR Programme?

ECCRT STAR Programmes are a combination of training sessions that will allow you to develop the knowledge and skills required for a specific job function. These programmes consist of a mix of courses, ensuring that you acquire all required competencies to develop towards your desired function. At least 85% of required competencies are covered, the rest you will do on-the-job.

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Why should you take a STAR Programme?

Designed to prepare you for career growth and success, ECCRT's STAR Programme will help you achieve your goals professionally.

Find your Dream Job

100% of our students have found their first job after attending a STAR programme

Balanced Programme

Technical and soft skills covered to enhance your career, covering all your professional needs.

Flexible Timing

The STAR Programme courses are flexible for you to follow throughout the year.

List of all STAR Programmes

Junior Level

STAR Programme Clinical Project Management
Clinical Project Management

This programme, consisting of five days to be chosen freely from the available dates in the public programme, is designed especially for you if you want complete training to get you started as a clinical project manager or when you want to progress your career from a CRA to a PM position.

STAR Programme Clinical Regulatory
Clinical Regulatory

This Clinical Regulatory STAR Programme is specially created for you to get full oversight of clinical study regulations with medicinal products, including the latest updates such as the new EU Clinical Trial Regulations 536/2014.

STAR Programme Junior Auditors
Junior Auditors

This programme, consisting of 4 days to be chosen freely from the available dates in the public programme, is designed especially for you if you want complete training to start your career as an auditor. It includes technical skills as well as soft skills training.

STAR Programme Junior Clinical Researcher
Junior Clinical Researcher

This STAR Programme will provide the capabilities you need to become a Junior Clinical Researcher. Most employers will require practical experience on the job before considering your application. At ECCRT, we are aware of this and combine trainings with real-life experience in several organisations.

STAR Programme Medical Devices
Medical Devices

The Medical Device world is fundamentally different from the Pharmaceutical environment: different products and legislations, different concepts, different strategies: all requiring a specific approach during the entire development phase of the product.

STAR Programme Regulatory Affairs
Regulatory Affairs

This STAR Programme is different from most of the others because it includes practical traineeships throughout the year. This will give you the possibility to acquire practical experience in the field and thus a kick-start of a brand-new career in Regulatory Affairs

Advanced Level

STAR Programme Advanced Auditors
Advanced Auditors

This 4-Day STAR Programme is intended for experienced auditors wishing to widen their competencies and to get in-depth training on how to increase their expertise in audits and quality management.

STAR Programme Advanced Clinical Researcher
Advanced Clinical Researcher

This 4-Day STAR Programme is intended for Clinical Research Associates who are ambitious to further develop their career as a CRA. As a more experienced monitor, you will be getting in-depth training on additional responsibilities that come along when gaining more experience.

STAR Programme Advanced Project Management
Advanced Project Management

This 5-Day STAR Programme is intended for experienced Project Managers wishing to widen their technical project management and soft skills and to get in-depth training on how to behave as a project manager, within the team, but especially also outside of the team, with other stakeholders.

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