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Tailored Courses

Upon your request, ECCRT provides tailor-made courses adapted to your training needs. You choose the location, time, team size and subject, and we design, together with you a high-quality training programme.

Our tailored courses can be face-to-face sessions, eLearning (online courses) or webinars (live online training), based on your availability.

Tailored Courses Timeline

Timeline for a Tailored Project Proposal
Professional trainers tailor high quality Interactive training case studies & workshops
  • Professional trainers with experience in the field and training ensure high-quality;
  • Interactive training including case studies & workshops;
  • Our extensive network of experts allow us to cover any training subject.
What trainings can we provide?
tailored research courses on regulatory affairs, clinical operations, quality assurance, leadership, communication, management
  • Any type of clinical research related topics, such as regulatory, clinical operations and quality assurance courses;
  • As well as soft-skills, that include communication, leadership and management courses;
  • A combination of technical and soft skills can be chosen to ensure a holistic learning outcome;
  • Our current courses can also be tailored upon your request.
Where can it take place?
tailored trainings anywhere in the world based on your location
  • Anywhere in the world
  • In your company or in another location of your choice;
  • In our training facilities

Two case studies:


How to make global and local roles work together in clinical research?
read case study on tailored course for janssen


How ECCRT and Santen worked together to develop Santen Core Competency Framework to improve work cohesion?
Read case study on tailored coursee for Santen

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