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ECCRT is your partner in providing consultancy for any matter related to the acquisition of competencies. Whether this is about how to set up a training department or setting up a competency framework, we are there to help you succeed. We can also be your point of reference for Clinical Research matters.

Practically, what can we do for you? Let’s say you are recruiting new staff and you need to harmonize and bond the current team with new workers, here is what we can do for you:
  • Make an inventory of the current clinical operations group
  • Provide on-boarding for the new team members
  • Bond the team for success

We can also create an inventory of the competencies needed and available, and therefore, advise on training in order to assure all required competencies are available. We base our work on our own Competency Framework that defines the competency domains and the associated cognitive skills necessary to conduct a high-quality, ethical and safe clinical trial.

During such projects, our goal is for teams to leave the project with the capacity to use the information provided in the most practical way. Our expert consultants, trainers and coaches, are contracted according to their professional skills and knowledge, and will always encourage interactivity in the group.

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