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Looking for a tailor-made solution?

At ECCRT, not only we provide open courses to individuals, but also tailored training, coaching and consultancy to companies. Our mission is to provide the highest level of education and services to you and your team. Here is how it works: you come with a project you would like to implement within your company or your team, we develop a project plan and we set it up together. Your project can be very specific to your company or related to an open course. At the end, what matters is your satisfaction and an enriching experience.

Tailored Courses

Are you looking for a tailor-made training programme or you want to run an in-company session for your team? We can provide any topic, starting with topics from our open courses to creating brand new company specific training material.


ECCRT is your partner in providing consultancy for any matter related to the acquisition of competencies. Whether this is about setting up a training department or a competency framework, we are there to help you being successful.


Do you need an individual and/or team coaching? Our expert coaches cover topics such as leadership and career coaching, communication, growth, perfection, fear to failure, burnout, influence skills and many more.

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