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No sessions planned as this time, however if you are interested in taking this course please contact us at info@eccrt.com

About this course

How can you increase your odds of finding a job in Regulatory Affairs?
This STAR Programme will provide the capabilities you need to become a Junior Regulatory Affairs Associate. Most employers will require practical experience on the job before considering your application. At ECCRT, we realise that this situation limits the inflow of young, intelligent and motivated young people. To further develop your potential, this STAR Programme combines multiple training sessions and practical traineeships during a period of one year. This Programme has been developed for you, to increase your chances of entering the area of Regulatory Affairs.

  • Course fee: 4.500 euros (without vat)
  • Programme duration: 1 week of training + 1 year of traineeships
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This STAR Programme is different from the others because it includes practical traineeships throughout the year. The latter will give you the possibility to acquire practical experience in the field and thus a kick-start of a brand-new career in Regulatory Affairs! In order for you to gain practical experience, we have included traineeships in this STAR Programme, running over 1 full year in 2 different organisations (pharmaceutical or regulatory consultancy companies). The traineeships can be taken in any location depending on ECCRT approval. How can you apply for this STAR programme? Request and fill in the application form. Application is subject to approval (interview) and does not automatically result in enrolment.
Check our flyer for more information on this STAR Programme!

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