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Free Webinar: How to enhance your career in 3 steps?

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07/12/2018, 07/12/2018, GoToWebinar Book

About this event

Throughout your career, you may wonder what is the next step you want to achieve. From experience, it’s not always as simple as it seems. Career Coaching, in that sense, can help you find your own solutions and resources in areas such as: new career challenge, change job, develop leadership & efficiency, overcome obstacles & face changes, manage stress.
The purpose of this free webinar is to present what Coaching is and what it is not. We will also give you a flavor of the methodology and techniques used. And we will explain how it can support you in developing your potential in different career situations.

You want to know more about Career Coaching and how it can be beneficial to you? Then join us for this short (30 min) free webinar! A 15 minutes Q&A session is also foreseen after the webinar.

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