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ECCRT and Krka enter into an agreement for training about monitoring and protocol deviations for clinical research team

European Centre for Clinical Research Training (ECCRT) has been selected as a premium provider for conducting the training about monitoring and protocol deviations by pharmaceutical company Krka, d. d., Novo mesto, Slovenia. ECCRT will provide access to the ‘Virtual Campus’ online platform that will allow more than 25 colleagues from 6 countries to attend educational sessions consisted of 4 webinars and related training sessions.

Breda Barbič-Žagar, Medical director from Krka, d. d., Novo mesto, Slovenia, stated: “The ECCRT training services match our current needs of online, short and focused learning combined with workshop training for our international team. After good experiences with last year’s training on risk-based monitoring, the present collaboration will allow our colleagues to develop and improve their monitoring skills. Moreover, it will enable us to have the desired oversight over the field of clinical research.”

Prof. Dr. Benedikt Van Nieuwenhove, Managing Director of ECCRT, added: “We are very pleased to see the long-lasting collaboration crystallise in the present strategic partnership with Krka, d. d., Novo mesto to have the clinical research team trained to the latest standards”.

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Krka is one of the few generic pharmaceutical companies whose medicines are supported by a large number of post-registration clinical studies. Nearly 350,000 patients from 27 countries have participated so far in over 150 clinical studies conducted with Krka’s key medicinal products. Clinical studies with Krka’s medicines contribute to an in-depth understanding of our medicines and the environment in which they are used.

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The European Centre for Clinical Research Training (ECCRT) is a professional clinical research training organisation for the pharma, biotech & medical device industries as well as for investigational and academic groups doing clinical trials. ECCRT is focusing on the transfer of implementable knowledge for the day-to-day activities of its trainees whether being new to the industry, starters on the job, or seasoned professionals. ECCRT mission is to facilitate Clinical Research professionals to excel in their job for the benefit of patients. ECCRT aims at achieving this by providing courses in its training facility or in the client premises, in multiple formats covering the skills that are essential for a Clinical Research Professional: technical as well as soft skills (communication, management and leadership). To achieve this, ECCRT has a wide pool of 60+ seasoned experts covering a wealth of know-how which they are sharing enthusiastically with course participants in the most interactive, engaging, and innovative way.

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