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We are excited to annouce the release of our brand new GCP Refresher eLearning modules. They provide lively and engaging content and interaction with our most experienced trainers (through the available fora as well as though live touchpoints). In addition to the general GCP Refresher training we have added add-on modules specific for people working in

We are delighted to announce our first Junior Clinical Researcher STAR Programme student Ms. Ahana Kar Ghosh has started her traineeship at the University Hospital Saint-Luc (UCL) in Brussels. It is a proud moment for us and we hope to provide many more with an opportunity of building and developing your career with practical, real life

Our Junior Clinical Researcher STAR Programme has been elected programme of the month: it bridges the GAP between competencies graduates (or career switchers) have and what industry is expecting.First session is starting in January 2016!Read more

The brand new ECCRT Virtual Campus has been launched. This campus will be our future platform for all online & remote trainings and will provide an innovative and unique learning experience to you. With that we have also launched our first eLearning course on the EU Clinical Trial Legislation.The number of courses will be increased though

The ECCRT Trainers Forum was launched with the objective of sharing best practices amongst the network of ECCRT Trainers. On 29 May, we had our kick-off meeting, which turned out to be an inspiring one, bringing many new ideas to the table. There was great engagement from all trainers in all areas (hard and soft skills).

ECCRT is joining the effort of creating awareness of what clinical research is and how important it is for development of new therapies for patients.To do so, we are offering our course "General Introduction to Clinical Research", organsed on 27 July 2015 for free to as many people as possible.This promotion is only valid if you

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