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NEW – ECCRT STAR Programmes

ECCRT proudly presents our new products for 2010: our STAR programs. ECCRT has combined a number of courses that are key to the development of a participant for their career in a specific function. We provide a combination of technical trainings with soft skills training. While listening to the market we hear that people seek support for their personal career development. Companies sometimes struggle with providing such support to their ‘potentials’. We have created STAR programs for key roles in clinical research: a program for a new or Junior CRA, a program to become an advanced CRA and a PM program. Combining different courses, not only provides the participants with a thorough knowledge of the industry and the technical skills linked, it helps developing their career and prepares them for all aspects of their position. Since training as such has still a financial aspect for many companies, we still want to try to provide you opportunities for cost control by providing you a flexible program with the result that capacity planning within your organization is easier to control. Participants will have the possibility to apply for a combination of our public courses, which they can spread over a period of a year. Also by combining different individual public courses, we are able to provide you a serious reduction on the overall cost.

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