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C01LEI – Feb 2018 (2)

It is a well organised course in which all the aspects important for a
junior CRA will be explained. Since I am working in the Academic, I thought it
was really nice to get more insight in how things are be done in the companies. It was really good, it was a small group of people (6) so we were able to ask
all the questions we want to ask. The trainer had a lot of experience, so she
had great examples which help a lot to remember things. This was the first
time the course was given in Leiden. This is an excellent choice. The Biotech
facility is a great facility to have this course. It was really convenient to
get there from the train station. The handout book we got, was really helpful
to have all the information in 1 place. The notes could be made next to the
slides. Great!!

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