// What is the future in Clinical and Pharmacovigilance Quality Management? Need a place to gather all stakeholders involved in Clinical Quality Management? Our QM Conference 2020 is the right place, in which a perfect environment is created for you to share experiences, get insights from seasoned experts and above all facilitate innovation in the way the different

Workshop  “Blockchain  in Clinical Trials- How and Why Blockchain  and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) are new disruptive approaches in the Clinical Trials Industry? A pragmatic seminar with views from Blockchain , Pharma and CRO industries professionals”  We are in the midst of a significant shift in pharmaceutical drug development, with the inception of new paradigms and technologies.  Blockchain

For people who move from a technical Clinical Operations job to a leadership one it is often quite unclear how their new role differs from the former one. New competencies, new ways of behaviour are needed to lead a Clinical Research team and new expectations are set. During this free webinar we will go over the

This webinar will explain regulatory background and guidance for sponsor co-monitoring, principles of CRA oversight, tools and methodologies and critical aspects how co-monitoring can improve conduct of your clinical trial. The Trainer will also present real life case studies and examples where either monitoring or site performance had not been adequate and how co-monitoring had helped

During this free webinar we will go over the requirements according to the latest guidelines issued by the European Medicine Agency to Provide answers on advantages working paperless  Ensure GCP-compliance of digital trial documentsLearn about correct steps transferring paper into digital documents Don’t miss this opportunity to get to know key principles of electronic document management of

What challenges do you encounter with your CRO? What are the critical parameters you need to take into account to ensure trustful, transparent relationship with your CRO, while ensuring adherence to timeline, quality and budget? During this Free Webinar we will review together the key milestones and trends in the industry to: Select the best outsourcing model in

Would you like to engage and maintain relationships with oncologists and other members of the oncology research team? Then you need to demonstrate a specialist knowledge base to follow the clinical decision and management of patients with cancer, in clinical trial. The focus of this webinar is to give you some best practice for the prevention, diagnosis, pathology

Throughout your career, you may wonder what is the next step you want to achieve. From experience, it’s not always as simple as it seems. Career Coaching, in that sense, can help you find your own solutions and resources in areas such as: new career challenge, change job, develop leadership & efficiency, overcome obstacles & face

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