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Remote Team Management: How to successfully lead from a distance

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Reasons to attend

Remote work has become a new standard in our professional lives. People quickly seem to get used to the new setting and the expectation is that this way of work will be a new reality once we can organize our business again after the pandemic in a freer way. Working remotely may have its advantages for people and their organization, it puts pressure on a new and alternative way of managing people.

This Remote Team Management course will cover challenges and ways to deal with these and to make remote work a success for the employees, the organization, and its leaders.

What's included?

  • Documents and materials related to this course are included
  • Globally recognised certificates awarded after test completion
  • This course has been granted PharmaTrain Recognition

Course schedule

We provide this course in two distinct formats: Classroom OR Online


  1. 1-Day face-to-face: 09:00 - 17:00


  1. 2 webinar sessions of 4 hours each

Course Description

There will be four modules within the Remote Team Management course. In the first module, you will gain insight into the impact of remote work on leadership style. It has been said so often that directive control-oriented leadership styles will no longer be the way to ensure performance on the team.

You will discover how it can be replaced by something more effective. The second module will discuss communicating and interacting in a new way. If 70% of our communication is non-verbal, then you really have a challenge in communicating remotely. Even with the camera on, things remain a challenge. In this module, you will discover new ways of communicating and interacting with the dos and don’ts of each. The third module will focus on achieving outcomes at a distance. The control boss is out of control in a virtual context.

As a virtual team manager, you will be pushed to manage outcomes more than processes; you do not see physically how team members do the work, you can only rely on the outcome. The last module will focus on building and maintaining trust, morale, and positive vibes. People identify with groups they belong to. Lockdown and remote work have cut us off from that social dimension in our work; suddenly you and your people seem to have become individual mini-companies on your own.

Some like it, others suffer. In a remote working environment, you do not easily see things happening when it comes to morale and motivation as a remote leader you will have to pay special attention to the hidden collateral effects of remote work and keep valuable people on board and in the right spirit.

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