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ECCRT enters into a strategic partnership with The BEE to add a unique behavioural dimension to the delivery of training programmes

The BEE partnership

European Centre for Clinical Research Training bv (ECCRT) has joined forces with The BEE, a provider of evidence-based, behaviourally inspired learning and organisation development services that harness personal initiative and entrepreneurial potential of an organisation’s employees.

ECCRT and The BEE will jointly deliver training and development programmes that combine conventional training tools and approaches with innovative interventions rooted in evidence from behavioural sciences and tailored to the clients’ circumstances and requirements. Uniquely, their programmes incorporate a systematic evaluation of their efficacy, enabling clients to establish a return on their investment in Learning and Organization Development.

Prof. Ir. Koen Smets, partner of The BEE, commented: “We are delighted to team up with ECCRT, with whom we share both a strong belief in the power of tailored, results-focused development initiatives, and a commitment to excellence. This will allow us to integrate our complementary experience and expertise into a formidable proposition to our clients.”

Prof. Dr. Benedikt Van Nieuwenhove, Managing Director of ECCRT added: “The partnership with The Bee will bring advanced and evidence-based expertise to our customers, allowing them to make the crucial improvements to the way they develop new therapies for patients.”


The European Centre for Clinical Research Training (ECCRT) is a key player in clinical research training and professional development.

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About The BEE

The BEE is a provider of evidence-based organisation that helps you to become an “Entrepreneurial Organisation”.

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