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Dr. Hugues Bogaerts


Hugues Bogaerts, an MD from Ghent University (1981), has been active at an international level  in BioPharmaceutical industries including Johnson & Johnson’s, The Upjohn Company and GSK Biologicals. His involvement in vaccines for  more than 20 years, covers all stages of development and commercialisation. Until recently he acted as an ambassador for vaccination and vaccines as Vice President and Senior Medical Director GSK Bio. Dr Bogaerts has now created his own company, HB Consult, providing medico-scientific advise and support to Bio-Pharma companies. 

Dr. Bogaerts is a member of several international scientific and professional associations, and  a Fellow of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians of the UK. He lectured on vaccinology at the Catholic University of Louvain and  has authored many original contributions in peer-reviewed medical journals and textbooks such as Vaccines, edited by Plotkin/Orenstein/Offit.

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