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Dr. Joris Vandeputte


Dr. Veterinary Medicine, virologist, global experience and network in human and animal health, vaccines and diagnostics, global disease control, one health, public affairs with EU, WHO, Asian and African authorities. Experienced in translational development, translating proof of concept into products (quality, regulatory, profiling, logistics and market access). President of IABS (International Alliance for Biological Standardization) 2016-2022.

Main achievements in virology and global vaccine development:

  • Discovery of H1N1 in the late ’70s, proof of swine in the zoonotic chain of flu University Research)
  • Development, production, flu vaccines (Rhône Mérieux, Merial)
  • Global vaccine development, production, successful marketing vaccines for viral and bacterial diseases in animals Rhône Mérieux, Merial)
  • Development of TB vaccines for humans (TBVI)
  • COVID-19: virology and vaccination, focus on platform technologies and pre-clinical experiments
  • Platform technologies for human and animal vaccines and antibodies (mRNA, DNA, viral vectors, Scaffold particles): research, development, CMC, production and regulatory (Vaccines by design)
  • In vitro testing for batch release (quality control by design)

Main achievements in global networking and with EU institutions:
  • GAVI Alliance and the Vaccine Fund: successful EU support for GAVI
  • GALVMED: successful funding for African vaccine development for livestock
  • Tuberculosis vaccines: EU support for TBVI (resolution of the EU Parliament)
  • Vaccine and antibody platform technologies: regulatory adaptation in the regulation for veterinary medicines (2019/06), particularly for surge production and pandemic preparedness
  • IMI (Innovative Medicines Initiative) EU and HORIZON EUROPE projects: work package leader in Zoonosis Anticipation Preparedness Initiative (ZAPI) and VAC2VAC (Vaccine batch to batch comparison by consistency testing); participant in IMI projects DRIVE (Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness) and Inno4Vacc (Controlled Human Challenges), Work package leader in HORIZON 2020 project MANCO (Monoclonal antibody development against SARS-CoV-2)

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