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Dr. Ludivine Petit


As a free-lance Life Science R&D Professional working mainly with innovative companies, I advise them on the implementation of project management and regulatory approaches considering their needs and the human resources available.
Pharmacist and PhD in Biomedical Sciences, I have twenty years of experience in research and development in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) developing healthcare products (drugs, medical devices, cosmetics, etc.). More specifically, I have transversally managed multidisciplinary projects of product development, from the preclinical proof-of-concept stage to the clinical confirmation stage.
My career allowed me to work on the different aspects of product development, coordinate the operations, which are all interdependent, and understand the expectations of the different stakeholders while ensuring the adequacy of the development with the local and international regulatory requirements. I love digging into regulatory aspects of a project because they underly all R&D aspects and it is important to understand their evolution. Since 2018, I am a member of TOPRA and DIA and developing my skills in drug-device combinations.
Working with startup/spinoff companies in an international environment, up to a C-level role, developed my entrepreneurship and networking skills to connect the right stakeholders with each other and select the appropriate suppliers and subcontractors for a project. I also personally volunteer for the Association Indah, which supports local initiatives working for the rights of children and women, through an innovative approach of the solidarity commitment.

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