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The course is very interactive and the instructor (Liesbeth) is a senior CRA, so her personal tips "experienced-based" were very useful. The course was tailored to be of great AID for both non-CRAs and provide some useful tips for those who are already CRAs.

The course was very well organized. I liked the interactive style. I definitely refreshed my GCP knowledge and additionally, I learned a lot about the feasibility check of a study and the planning of pre-trial visits. I liked the short exercise at the end, where I together with an attendee performed possible monitoring with dummy material.

Well thought and informative slides - elaborate on the most important points on how to prepare for audits/inspections. I really appreciated the connection of theoretical knowledge with practical examples!

Gained a lot of practical knowledge on what to do and how to behave before during and after inspection and audits. The trainer told the theory in a very calm, nice and understandable way.

Very good and useful training on Project Management activities especially on oversight activities. It was a good refreshment on oversight activities and improved KPIs and Recruitment strategies definition and creation. I liked being able to share personal experiences with the rest of the team and the trainer and receiving feedback.

Gained more knowledge on the difference between a team leader and a manager The course was a good way to get some tips and tricks on how to become a team leader.

After graduating in pharmaceutical sciences, I wanted to pursue a career in clinical research. The Programme was the perfect opportunity for me to gain practical experience in this field. The internships in 3 different organisations gave me a better view of the different job functions and possibilities. Thanks to the expertise I gained and the close

Because of the flexible way of working at the ECCRT, I was able to combine the Junior Clinical Researcher STAR programme with my additional studies in Business Economics. In this way, a customised programme was outlined in which the combination of studying and gaining experience in the field of clinical research became perfectly possible. The flexibility

Insightful lectures, friendly environment and interactive learning experience. I was very welcomed by the ECCRT team who provided a pleasant and well-located place to do the training. Lectures were given by highly experienced professionals who gave a clear understanding of the drug life cycle and the required regulation behind it. Additionally, based on their experience, they

I recommend the RA STAR program for someone who wants to start a career in regulatory affairs. Before starting the training, I confess I was a little sceptical about the RA STAR program, but after the first lesson, I changed my mind. The blend of theory and real-world examples helped me assimilate the essential concepts from

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