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I highly recommend this program to all healthcare students and researchers who are interested in translational research, specifically in efficiently translating scientific discoveries into clinical trials for drug development. ECCRT offers an ideal platform to start, build, and advance your career in this field. I would like to express my gratitude to the entire ECCRT team for

'Budgeting Clinical Studies' is one of the best courses I had at ECCRT. A well designed interactive course, with practical orientation. The guidelines given by Dr. Baeyens are very useful and enhance our knowledge in budget management.

Our team followed a training on the Clinical Trial Regulation and CTIS recently with Fabienne Zeegers as trainer. The trainer was outstanding in providing clarity in such a complex matter. She proved to be very knowledgeable and took all our questions. She even went the extra mile and provided FU information after the training. In addition

Since several years, ECCRT provides a yearly refresher GCP course for all our staff members. We are very satisfied with the ECCRT approach. The content of the training is tailored to our needs, and packed with lots of relevant examples, interactivity and a touch of humor. Taught by a dynamic and very knowledgeable trainer, this course

It has been really interesting right from the first day of our meeting face to face in Belgium Being in a room with trainees from diverse scientific backgrounds and experienced Regulatory Affairs expert in the field enhanced productive and interesting conversation. Not a boring moment! It is not enough to have knowledge, ability to practice is key,

It was a great learning experience - learnt minute details about clinical research and came to know about various areas within the clinical research where I can build my career. I had the medical background but not the sufficient knowledge about the clinical research field which ECCRT has provided and the Internships help to gain hands on

This training gave me the experience and knowledge I was lacking to transition my career. I liked the complementarity of my internships. None of the tasks I learnt / performed were redundant. I met collaborators from various backgrounds with different roles and levels of expertise with whom I learnt a lot!

It was a clear presentation, not too long and small groups that enable each one to participate and ask questions

The content is above my expectations, complete, covers many aspects of data managements, gives a pretty good overview of data management without data manager in-house.

I gained more knowledge on priority aspects to be evaluated while auditing a site/investigator and confirmation on other aspects i had been considered before in my day to day job.

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