I feel like I have a good overall idea of the everyday work of a CRA. It was good to have some hands-on training for the monitoring activities as well. It was great to see how interactive the course was and how it was possible to ask questions and engage in conversation.

It was a very nice training to cover all basics of the legal parts of a contract including data protection, well done. The training sessions are really well managed and planned. All the different examples during the course were really helpful to understand the topics best.

A structured approach to managing clinical studies, the course templates will also be useful to help implement this. Thanks to this training, I gained more knowledge around clinical research and project management.

Even though it was through a webinar there was still a good interaction with the course participants. Better knowledge on pre/non-clinical studies in special toxicity studies.

Regular quiz and workshops, good documentation, presentation well structured. Very good interactivity to keep your focus on the subject and avoid 'weariness'.

A good way of learning with the quizzes and the workshop during the course. It is refreshing knowledge of GCP and ensures the tasks are done correctly at my company.

The training was very organized with good material, topics, and exercises. I recommend this course because it gives more information about Clinical Trials. All things needed for a Clinical Trial are in this course (from the collection of data till the end of the Trial).

The course is very interesting and I think it is essential if you work in clinical trials to have an overview of everyone's role. It was well explained and easy to follow. Nice exercises/quizzes, very helpful.

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