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As a trained Bio-Engineer, I have several years of experience in different roles in pharmaceutical industries within sales, quality control, clinical research, risk management and medical governance. In addition, during the last seven years, I have served as an internal coach in a pharmaceutical company,
working with several coachees and addressing a variety of coaching themes such as career development and changes, leadership development, resilience and energy, work-life balance and personal challenges. I am also involved in others coaching related activities such as trainer for coaching modules and
cofacilitator for group coaching.
I strongly believe in coaching as a powerful tool to self-develop and further grow in all aspect of life: self, private and professional. Coaching is based on forward looking exploration to facilitate thinking, create awareness, explore options and translate them into concrete action to support sustainable change.
My work as a coach is founded on principles of openness, support, mutual respect, trust and challenge where the coachee contributes the content and the coach supports the process.
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